“I think it is our job as writers and artists to ask questions, not necessarily to prescribe answers or solutions. It’s our job to kick around and wrestle with things, and hopefully, through our own seeking, allow a listener to feel seen and heard.” – Carrie Brownstein

If we’re honest with each other, I think we’ll agree that the world is a big place with lots of people and most of them care very little if at all about what we have to say, day to day. My assumption that my thoughts would in any way warrant the attention of anyone other than myself and, on occasion, my wife, is a shitty, self-serving, possibly false assumption. But to be successful in this endeavor, I have to not care about that at all. That’s a tough thing, but just so you know right up front – I know you barely care, because I barely care, but if we pretend a little bit, we’ll both get through this little exercise, and then we can go back to masturbating.